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Pullman Health & Wellness Food Festival


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We're bringing all the health & Wellness resources and healthy food options right to the far south south side! Bring the family and have fun!

This project launched 06/20/2019 and ends 08/23/2019.
Contact [email protected] for questions regarding this project

The goal of the festival is to expose residents from across the city, state and region to new resources available in the medical field. It is also an opportunity to encourage healthy eating habits by providing outlets and options for vegan, Vegetarian & Pescatarian food. There will also be a strong focus on mental health which is the lead cause of the violence plaguing the City Of Chicago.

The Health & Wellness Food Festival will be a free to the public resource fair. It will have vendors, information tables, etc. There will be live entertainment by some of the most notable artists in music as well as aspiring local artists. There will be a panel discussion on mental health, diet and overall health and wellness. It will take place at Gately Stadium in Pullman which is close to Corliss High School, Butler College Prep, Gwendolyn Brooks High School, Wendell Smith Elementary School, Olive Harvey Community College and Chicago State University. This strategic location gives the fair the ability to reach several youth and their families.

Pullman Health & Wellness Fair is a project spearheaded by Leonard “GLC” Harris and Damon Dash, two friends and business colleagues who are both diabetic and decided to use their platforms to address health and wellness in the urban community where Predominantly low income and very low income residents dwell.

Leonard "GLC" Harris, Founder of Ism Cakes, LLC. is also one of the founding members of Eat II Live Restaurant Group; a Chicago Housing Authority and Central Advisory Council Entrepreneurship Pilot Program Project. After losing his Father to cardiac arrest and Mother to cancer at a young age, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. After having several near fatal experiences, he researched the cause of disease and illness and found that most illnesses are directly related to our choices of what is perceived as “food.” After touring internationally with Kanye West, co-writing for and being featured on multiple Grammar Award-winning Albums, he has continued his music career but more recently become active in food justice, mentoring and creating healthy Vegan recipes and dishes. This passion has resulted in him creating new recipes that have gained the interest of Whole Foods of which his products are being sold in high demand in locations throughout the entire Chicagoland area. 

"Fair & Equitable access for all to health & wellness resources & healthy food options shouldn't be restricted to zip code." - David A. Peterson Jr.; Pullman Porter Museum President & Executive - Co-Founder; Eat II Live Restaurant Group, LLC. 

The National A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum’s youth and young adult division, Museum 44..."Where Hip-Hop Meets History" has joined forces with community partner Randolph's Dream CDC & One Summer Chicago/Chicagobility to train youth on Urban Planning and Economic Development as they implement and execute the "Community Economic Development Empowerment Project"; Neighborhood Stabilization Plan. Students will also be learning the skills needed to document their work in perpetuity by recording their experiences through audio and video. They are also video recording their actions and talking about their findings via their youth podcast. Their culminating event and public presentation of their work will be the Pullman Health & Wellness Food Festival. At the Festival they will be presented with "Neighborhood Hero Awards" for their contributions to this amazing project. Lastly, we will launch "". "HSC" plans to partner with the longest, most effective crime prevention program in the nation, “Neighborhood Watch” and other leaders to teach the community how to deter and prevent violent crime throughout their neighborhoods. We believe that it is up to the people who live in these neighborhoods to take preventative action to change the environment in which they reside.