About The Pullman Porter Museum

The museum exists for the purpose of providing educational and cultural enrichment specifically, from the African American perspective on Labor and Civil Rights. All activities, past, present, and future, are for the purpose of objectives that are inexorably intertwined - the study, preservation, interpretation, and enjoyment of African-American history and culture. The permanent collection displays exhibits which are pertinent to the study of African American Labor history, related to the Pullman Company, that was located in the Historic Pullman district, the Great Migration, African American Railroad employees, Pullman Porters, A. Philip Randolph, African American Labor History, and the American Civil Rights Movement.

In keeping with the mindset of the museums’ namesakes, A. Philip Randolph and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the objective is to move the community toward economic empowerment. Today our vision is to manifest that mindset. In a community steeped in history — The goal is to use Cultural Economic Development as our tool. Through the creation of strategic alliances, we will move this Community forward. ALL of the projects we put forward will display the basic concept.


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Completed Projects

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Pullman Health & Wellness Food Festival
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We're bringing all the health & Wellness resources and healthy food options right to the far south south side! Bring the family and have fun!




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